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Lifelong Learning Service

Adult Provision

The Lifelong Learning Service’s adult education programme includes provision in:

  • Essential Skills
  • Family Learning
  • IT and Digital Literacy
  • Adult Community Learning Courses

The Lifelong Learning Service utilises a range of venues todeliver its adult education programme including:


Council buildings

Community Centres


Partner venues


Most of the LLS provision has returned to face-to-face delivery,although around 10 sessions remain online. The face-to-face sessions take placein over 20 venues across the county.

Partnership Work

The Service works with a range of partners to provide accessible firstentry points into adult education.


Lifelong Learning offers a wide range of Adult Community Learningcourses throughout Swansea including arts and crafts, IT and digital literacy,practical courses, digital photography, cookery and food hygiene, health andwellbeing, music, flower arranging and floristry for work, needlecraft andmore.


Lifelong Learning Service’s essential skills provision rangesfrom pre-entry to level 2 in literacy, numeracy and digital literacy. TheService provides essential skills classes and support to a range ofemployability partners. The Service works with partners to support clients’employability prospects through skills support and accreditation opportunities.


The Service works with schools to offer a family learning programmeacross Swansea. An online family learning classroom was developed duringlockdown to support parents’ home schooling. Family learning classes have nowresumed on a face-to-face basis.


The Service offers a small number of employability courses aimedto support individuals into employment including within the field of catering,dressmaking, hairdressing and floristry. These accredited courses are partlysupported by Communities for Work. The Services’ programme of delivery includesa range of visual arts and wellbeing courses, which enrich the lives oflearners outside of the classroom through engagement in national bodies,exhibitions and demonstrations.


The Service works within the Adult Learning Partnership Swansea (ALPS)to provide clear, progressive pathways of learning from the initial startingpoint to accredited FE/HE provision.